Q. What is the speed limit of the roadways we are allowed to drive?

A. The mopeds cannot go on any roadway faster than 45 mph.

Q. Why are they called mopeds when they look like scooters?

A. In Hawaii they are classified as mopeds even though they have no pedals and are called scooter in other states, like California.

Q. I have never ridden a scooter before, do I need experience?

A. No experience is necessary. About 70 percent of our customers have never ridden a moped until they came to us. We give free lessons and will not let you leave until you feel comfortable. It is just like riding a bicycle!

Q. Where am I allowed to drive a moped?

A. You are allowed to drive the mopeds on every road except for H-1, H-2, H-3, the Pali and the Like Like.

Q. Can the mopeds make it to the North Shore?

A. Sure! All you have to do is follow the coast all the way around! It's a long ride, 120 miles, and definitely not for the weak at heart.

Q. Is there a weight limit?

A. There is no weight limit. You should see the football players that rent during the Pro Bowl!

Q. Can I rent a moped if I am pregnant?

A. We do not encourage anyone who is pregnant to ride on a rental. Please consult your physician before reserving your rental.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation?

A. Hawaii is busy year round, so to guarantee we will have your moped you must reserve it online.

Q. Can I ride double on a moped?

A. It is against the law in the state of Hawaii to ride two people on a moped. If you have a motorcycle license you might consider renting our motor scooters. They seat 2 people and can ride on all roadways.

Q. Where should we take the mopeds?

A. Be adventurous! Go everywhere, but you must go to Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, and Kailua. Check out our maps and rides page for some suggested routes.

Q. What does the rental include?

A. The rental includes helmets, locks, a lesson, detailed tour maps and a new well maintained scooter.

Q. Where are we allowed to park the mopeds and what do you mean you offer overnight parking?

A. You can conveniently park the mopeds on the sidewalk. Make sure to attach them to the bike racks. We have a secure parking garage designated for our customers that is accessible 24 hours a day for just $5.

Q. Do I need a drivers license?

A. All you need is a drivers license for our standard, sport and deluxe models. For our motor scooters you will need a motorcycle license and be 21 years old.

Q. What if I only have a license from another country?

A. As long as it makes sense when you present it to us at the shop it should be ok.

Q. How old do you have to be to rent a two passenger motor scooter?

A. You must be 21 years old with a valid motorcycle license to rent a two passenger scooter.

Q. How old do you have to be to rent a two passenger scooter?

A. You must be 18 years old to rent a moped

Q. Do you require a deposit, and if so how much?

A. A credit card(visa, mastercard, discover, jcb or amex) is required and $200 is authorized for every moped it is responsible for.

Q. How do I reserve with the power pass and go oahu card online?

A. All reservations for the Go Oahu Card or Power Pass must be made online. For all Go Card customers simply typle the discount code "Go" at the time of the rental and you will receive a free 4 hour rental. For all Power Pass customers your discount code is "Power" A credit card is still required to create the reservation. Simply present your card at the time of the rental and your credit card will never be charged. Click here for information on the Go Oahu Card and here for information on the Power Pass.

Q. What if I return my rental early?

A. We can offer credit for all early returns, but are unable to issue refunds. If you are not sure of how long you want your rental just rent it for the minimum time and you can always extend. We will gladly prorate the rental rate.

Q. Do you offer hotel pick up and drop off?

A. We do offer cab credit for your hotel pick up. Catch a cab over to our location and we will put the fare toward the rental. It is only available for pick up, not drop off, and only available for direct bookings.

Q. Do you guys deliver mopeds?

A. Mopeds can be delivered, but pricing depends on where it needs to be delivered. Please contact us for an accurate quote.

Q. Do you offer any surfboard storage?

A. Sorry we do not offer any surf board storage at this time.