Sport - Genuine Roughhouse 50


Car License Required

Built for adventure, the Roughhouse 50 is tough, practical, sporty and fun. Offering the same high performance 50cc engine and 100 mpg tank, but with a set of slightly knobby tires that can handle the dirt road when the pavement ends. A ride on the Sport Roughhouse will make you feel youthful again.
Every moped rental includes secure locks, helmets, island maps and tour routes.

Our Online Rates

Half Day (4 hours) $45
Day (8:30 to 5:00) $50
24 Hours $55
2 or 3 Days $50/day
4 Days $45/day
7 Days $40/day
After 1st 7 Days $16.09/day
Month $650

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hands-up-high “THE BEST PART! YOU CAN PARK EVERYWHERE! We had a back pack with hiking shoes and spare clothes that fit perfectly in the seat”
down-the-road“This place is amazing. It deserves 10 stars! If you want to get mopeds in Hawaii, there is no other place!”