We do our best to make sure you feel comfortable on your rental before you leave the shop. You will be required to watch an instructional video on how to operate the moped before you leave. Hawaii law does not require you to wear a helmet, but we do require you to leave the shop wearing one. You will do a road test around the block to make sure you feel comfortable on the rental. This also gives you an opportunity to make sure there is nothing wrong with your rental. If you cannot perform the road test we will refund you and not allow you to rent. If you are unhappy with your vehicle we will exchange it out immediately and allow you to test drive a new one. HAWAII MOPED LAWS:
  • Everyone who rents a moped must be at least 18 years of age with a valid drivers license and a credit card.
  • If you would like to rent a two passenger motor scooter you need a valid motorcycle license.
  • You cannot ride double on a moped.
  • You can ride double on our two passenger scooters
  • All mopeds must stay off of roadways with speed posting greater than 45 mph.
  • The motor scooters are allowed to go on any roadway.
  • You cannot drive between cars and split lanes.
  • The mopeds must ride as far to the right as possible and can ride in the appropriate bike lanes.
  • You must ride in a staggered or single file formation at all times.